a cocktail nailtini includes a rose gold champagne!

2 posts in one day?! WHAT?!

It has been awhile since I posted a beauty related post. So here goes. Might be a short one, though.

When I received my November 2013 “glam it up” ipsy glam bag (I know, I know, I still have to post an unboxing… um, unbagging… whatever!… entry), I was super happy with my bag. But what really caught my eye was the nail polish that was included! I had been looking for a rose gold polish for awhile now to no avail so when I saw Nailtini’s Champagne (Shade #124), I fell in love!

champagne is a pretty rose gold

champagne is a pretty rose gold

It is gorgeous! It truly is my favorite polish at the moment and topped off with Julep’s Polymer Top Coat, it did not chip for at least a week! It’s just starting to chip now and I put it on a week and a half ago.

It’s a great quality polish and it’s three free which is fantastic! I just love the color. The picture make it look more golden but in real life it’s more like a rose gold. This might be my go-to polish that is classic but sparkly! I have so much nail polish but I will definitely be using this one a lot. 🙂



topbox – november 2013 prive box – givenchy

For the past few months, there really hadn’t been many prive boxes that had caught my eye so I’ve been opting for the regular Topbox. I believe the last prive box I received was the Benefit one in February. So it’s been awhile.

I will admit that I was excited to see that Givenchy was an option when we received our November wish list email. And as I read more and more negative reviews on the regular November Topbox, boy, was I hoping that I would luck out with the Givenchy box and get it!

This past week, I received two purple Topbox packages. I will admit, I wasn’t too sure why I had two… until I remembered that I took part in the Chatelaine offer. I was on pins and needles as I was opening each package. The first one I opened was the Chatelaine Bonus Box (a separate post about this one later)… and the Givenchy Box!!! I was SO excited to see that I had the Givenchy box and I was so happy with everything that came with it. It is one of the brands that I would see and wonder about… but never actually bought.

givenchy topbox. november 2013.

givenchy topbox. november 2013.

Without further ado, the contents of the Givenchy Topbox!

givenchy goodies!

givenchy goodies!

1. Le Rouge Lipstick – 103 Brun CreatĂ©ur
This is the product in the sneak peeks on Facebook that really got my attention! I will admit, I was not a lip junkie until recently but I was really intrigued by this lipstick. Brun Creatéur is a dusty rose color, which is what I usually use anyways so that makes it perfect! Plus the size of this deluxe sample sized lipstick is perfect to keep in your purse for touchups throughout the day. Fantastic! It came in super cute packaging so I really had to share some pictures.

the details. retail: $38 CDN, $36 US for 3.4g (full size) – topbox sample is worth $16.76 CDN, $15.88 US for 1.5g.

topbox_nov2013_givenchy_3topbox_nov2013_givenchy_42. Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara – Black Satin
Okay. So here is the deal. I have too much mascara. WAY TOO MUCH MASCARA. So at first I wasn’t to thrilled that I was getting another mascara, however, after reading up a little on it, I’m actually quite excited to try this one. It has a very interesting brush wand where the brush is made up of three balls. Plus, it claims it is a “4-in-1” mascara which will give you: volume, curl, length and conditions. I likely won’t try this soon (I’m still using a couple of different mascaras at the moment) but I will likely write a review when I do.

the details. retail: $35 CDN, $32 US for 8g (full size) – topbox sample is worth $17.50 CDN, $16 US for 4g.

3. Dahlia Noir – Eau de Toilette
This has a very nice flowery scent – and this coming from someone who isn’t a fan in the first place! It comes in a super cute bottle and is the perfect size for travel or to keep in your purse.

the details. retail: $80 CDN, $70 US for 50ml (full size) – topbox sample is worth $8 CDN, $7 US for 5ml.

4. Gentlemen Only – Eau de Toilette
As you can probably tell from the name, this is for men. 🙂 It is a small foil packet so I have no idea what it smells like but I’m sure I’ll find out eventually. I will give this one to my fiance.

the details. retail: $67 CDN, $59 US for 50ml (full size) – topbox sample is a small foil packet.

I’m giving my November 2013 Givenchy Topbox a 5 out of 5 pixel star rating.

What did you receive in your Topbox this month?

Topbox is available in Canada for $12/month + taxes. I purchased this beauty box using my own money.

october 2013 regular topbox. murale.ca edition.

Topbox sent us our boxes uber early for October! Which is probably why I actually have time to hash out a review on the blog before the next one comes out. Cause we all know, this never happens!

It looks like murale.ca (a store very similar to Sephora here in Canada, spun off from Shoppers Drug Mart) is sponsoring this box so it is full of brands you can find at Murale. I’ve shopped there a couple of times now so I was excited to see this box! Until I opened it, anyway. More about that below.

topboxoctober2013So now down to the nitty gritty. What was in my box? Here we go!

1. Yves Saint Laurent – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll
I’ll be honest. I was not too thrilled about seeing another mascara in a beauty box. My Ipsy glam bag has been ridiculously horrible for it lately. I have SO MUCH MASCARA! But I will admit, I was happy to see something from YSL in my Topbox. I don’t have anything from YSL other than my Touche Eclat so it will be nice to try something new from them. I couldn’t find this on the Murale sight but found it on Sephora and the reviews look good. This is an exciting find in my box. Can’t wait to try it!

the details. YSL Beauty – retail: $36.00 CDN, $30.00 US for 0.2oz (full size) – topbox sample is worth $10.80 CDN, $10.00 US for 0.06oz (sample)

2. Darphin Predermine Densifying Anti-Wrinkle Cream
The first of three (yes, three!) anti-aging products I received in this months box. “Predermine” is Darphin’s anti-wrinkle and firming line. I’m not quite sure I’m at that stage in my life just yet. Nonetheless, this is a pretty decent size sample for a very expensive product but I don’t know if I will use it just yet.

the details. Darphin Paris – retail: $200.00 CDN, $152.00 US for 50ml/1.6oz (full size) – topbox sample is worth $62.50 CDN, $47.50 US for 0.5oz (sample)

3. Erno Lazlo Transphuse Eye Refiner
Anti-aging product number 2 is an anti-aging cream. I’ve never heard of this brand before so it’s something new to me. On the Murale site, it shows that this product does the following: smoothes fine lines, tightens and nourishes, preserves and boosts collagen production, and, moisturizes, protects and increases elasticity. Personally, I’m already using an eye product that I use for dark circles and fatigue that I like so this one might be waiting awhile as I’m not looking for a true anti-aging eye product yet.

the details. Erno Lazlo – retail: $120.00 CDN, $100.00 US for 15ml/0.5oz (full size) – topbox sample is worth $24.00 CDN, $20.00 US for 0.1oz (sample)

4. Rivoli Le Visage Luminious Serum
I’m not entirely sure if this is an anti-aging product, per se, but it is a serum of sorts. I’ve never tried a serum so I think I may give this one a go. What I like about this is that there are no preservatives.

the details. Rivoli Geneve – not sure about price as I could not find this online

Overall, the October 2013 Topbox was okay. Th e value of this box was through the roof! While I like how they give us skincare, I really could have done with less anti-aging skincare. I am quite excited to try the mascara, though! I’ll give it a go when I get ready for work tomorrow.

Only 2 out of 5 pixel stars for the October box.

What was in your Topbox this month?

beauty review. garnier miracle skin perfector.

daily all-in-one bb cream.

sample packet of garnier skin perfector in "light"

sample packet of garnier skin perfector in “light”

Happy Thursday everyone!

As I continue to load my new Alex drawer from Ikea, I am finding products that I forgot I even had left, right and center!

One of the products I found – well, it is a sample really – is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (Light).

This BB Cream came as a bonus in my June 2012 Topbox (yes, that was ages ago!) and I received three of these sample packets to try.

Now that I think about it, I think the reason why I haven’t tried it before is because it says the sample is “light”. I am an NC30 or NC35 skin tone when it comes to MAC so “light” doesn’t usually describe me.

What is a BB Cream, you ask? It is a blemish balm or beauty balm. These originated in Asia but soon enough, North American brands started producing them as well. The first one that hit Canada was from Marcelle which I tried and really liked! But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try others.

how it looks on my hand.

how it looks on my hand.

My first impression when I opened it was that it wasn’t as light colored as I thought it would be. In fact, it matched my skin tone quite nicely once I rubbed it in. I was quite impressed! Though, now I wonder if lighter skin tones are able to use this. It may be too dark. I’m not sure.

You don’t have to use much of the product to cover your face. Each small packet lasted me at least 3 or more days. I applied the BB cream to my face using my fingers. On my fingers, I thought the consistency was a bit thick and sticky. I do wish it was a little bit lighter. I don’t usually have oily skin but I found that my face felt oilier when I put it on. I was definitely aware that I had something on my face. I’m not sure if I like that because I would have thought that the BB cream would go on similar to a moisturizer. At first I thought it was the humidity but it’s not humid anymore so that can’t be it.

the cream fully rubbed in on my had.

the cream fully rubbed in on my had.

At the end of the day, I don’t think I had much left on my face. At least, I didn’t see much when I was wiping off my makeup. This makes me question the longevity of the product throughout the day.

It may just be my preference but I really do prefer a lighter BB cream that I can put on and forget that it’s on my face. Not lighter in terms of color but lighter in terms of consistency. This was just too thick for me.

While I don’t think I would purchase a full sized bottle for myself, I think this is still a very good product that provides great value. You can find this product in your local drugstore for around $15 CDN or even less if it’s on sale or if you have a coupon.

In the end, I am giving this product 3 out of 5 pixel stars.

Enjoy your evening everyone. The weekend is just around the corner!

regular topbox. march 2013.

I love beauty boxes.

My first ever beauty box subscription is from Topbox. I liked it because it was available for Canadians and at that time, most of the mainstream boxes weren’t. I added my name to the wait list in November 2011 and didn’t get my first box until March 2012. It was well worth the wait!

topbox beauty box. march 2013 edition.

topbox beauty box. march 2013 edition.

A year later, I’m still subscribed. Since then, Topbox has introduced the concept of prive boxes. These are special boxes that feature one beauty brand. It could be numerous samples or even full-sized products.

None of the March prive boxes caught my eye so I chose the regular box. A regular box contains four deluxe beauty samples.

Here is what was in my March 2013 Topbox…

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